Will Betty White Be On Dancing With the Stars Next Season?

Following a successful Facebook campaign to get Betty White to host Saturday Night Live succeeded, a new social networking campaign has surfaced: Betty White Should Be On Dancing With the Stars! And CNN is reporting that Dancing With the Stars producers think it could be a good ideal.

Did you see Betty White Saturday? I loved her! I’ve always been a Betty White fan going back to the days when I wanted to be Mary Richards (of the Mary Tyler Moore show) when I grew up. I thought she was hilarious on Saturday Night Live. My favorite line? “When I want to get in touch with old friends, I use a ouija board.” Of course, I wonder if some of SNL’s audience isn’t a little young for that joke. Do they still even make ouija boards? For those who don’t know, this was a board game that used a pointer moved by unexplained energy to spell things out and answer questions. A lot of people thought you could use them to communicate with the dead.

I think Betty White would be great on Dancing with the Stars. She’s probably pretty good…especially consider some of the people who have been on the show lately. And Chloris Leachman was quite a hit. I say Dance, Betty, Dance!


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