Will Bishop Eddie Long Settle with His Accusers this Month?

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Bishop Eddie Long may be settling with his accusers soon. The scandalized pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Atlanta, GA initially planned to fight the young men who accused him of sexual wrongdoing. Now, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Long may be settling with the young men.

Apparently, the pastor is due for mediation with his accusers this month after his attorney agreed to pursue mediation back in November last year. A date for the mediation proceedings has not been announced.

If the case does go to mediation, the public should not expect to find out much more than they already know about the case. Details of the mediation and its final resolution are considered confidential.

If Bishop Eddie Long and his accusers cannot come up with an agreeable settlement, they will still head to court. If they do, it is likely to become quite the media circus, given the seriousness of the allegations and LongÂ’s role as a pastor.

Of course, given that Long is willing to head to mediation, at all, rather than fight like he promised, people will likely say the decision confirms his wrong-doing. Ultimately, though, the only ones who really know what happened are those involved. Any speculation about Long’s motives is just that—mere speculation.

In the end, no matter the resolution of the Bishop Eddie Long case, there really are no winners.

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