Will Brad Pitt’s Bob Marley Impersonation Make People Cringe?

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Brad Pitt is more than just an aging piece of Hollywood meat, he’s also a cunning chameleon and talented image whore, as new photos of the aging thespian dressed up as Bob Marley succinctly prove.

A new photo shoot in Interview magazine shows Pitt ditching his all-American white boy image in favor of painting his face, putting on a Rasta wig, sticking on a fake goatee and pulling on a skanky ripped jumper in a pathetically embarrassingly effort to channel the spirit of the late, great Bob Marley.

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Pictured above is the real deal!

One has to wonder, is there no gutter these Hollywood types won’t trawl in a bid for five more minutes of acclaim and attention?

The photos of Bradley dressed as a bad-ass Rasta man accompany the 48-year-old’s interview with Madonna’s former toy boy Guy Ritchie. In case you’ve forgotten Pitt appeared as an bare-knuckle fighting Irish pikey in Ritchie’s film Snatch and blew audiences away with his guttural and indecipherable accent which seemed to suggest, “I can’t really act at all, but hopefully no-one will notice.”

In a lamely predictable interview with bosom buddy Ritchie, Brad explains how he’s becoming more selective with his film roles to focus on fatherhood and said, “I feel accomplished enough in my career to be more discerning. I can jump into anything and lay something down that’s quality.”

Really! Has this wicked thespian already forgotten the cinematic crime that was the Curious Case of Benjamin bloody Button?

The photo of Brad Pitt dressed up as Bob Marley can be seen here, and it portrays the Hollywood half-wit throwing his head back in a strained pose that he probably hopes exudes a spiritual and dreamy quality, but which in reality seems to suggest that Angelina Jolie’s whipping boy is suffering from some pretty torturous bowel movements. Why is that Bradley?

Obviously Pitt and Ritchie really got into the spirit of dressing up and playing let’s pretend, as grown men having lots of manly fun tend to do. In another photo from the interview, Brad is dressed up as a severely camp James Bond villain complete with white tuxedo, black bow tie, slicked back hair and a pencil thin mustache.

The question that begs to be asked is – Is it right for a family man approaching his fifties to be acting in such a manner?

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