Will Camille Grammer’s Children Attend Kelsey Grammer’s Wedding? Was She Invited?

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Rumors are rampant that Camille Grammer was invited to Kelsey GrammerÂ’s February 25th wedding but the aging blond beauty has officially told People that she did not Camille Grammer Picturereceive an invitation. ThatÂ’s actually a good thing because of all the tacky and tasteless things Kelsey has done to Camille, sending her an invitation to his upcoming wedding to his mistress, Kayte Walsh, would be the just adding salt to her wounds. Where, oh where is Frazier when you need him?

Anyway, in the interview, Camille said it didnÂ’t matter that she wasnÂ’t invited because, “I don’t want to be involved with the wedding, not at all but I don’t begrudge him his happiness.”

Talk about being able to forgive. Surely, deep down thereÂ’s still a lot of pain but the fact that Camille Grammer is trying her best to remain dignified through this horribly embarrassing time is amazing. Camille also stated that even though she wasnÂ’t going to be attending didnÂ’t mean her children werenÂ’t. Actually, one was and the other wasnÂ’t due to prior plans.

Camille and Kelsey have two children together, Mason, 9, and Jude, 6. Mason will be performing at a talent show in California while her father gets married to his 29-year-old mistress in New York. Jude, however, will be present at his fatherÂ’s wedding. No news has emerged about whether or not he will be participating in the wedding.

Speaking about her children and KelseyÂ’s wedding, Camille said, “I would never hold my children back from that. I would never want them to resent me for holding them back from their father’s wedding.”

When Camille asked Mason if she was sure she didn’t want to attend Kelsey’s wedding, Mason replied, “No, Mommy. I want to go to my talent show.”

Ah, Mason seems like a true artist and the show must go on! Anyway, it seems like Camille Grammer is definitely trying her best to hold her head high admist the turmoil brought on by a cheating, deceitful husband. Hopefully, Kayte Walse will, uh, wonÂ’t, have to deal with the same problem later in life. SheÂ’ll just have to wait and see how well behaved Kelsey is in a few years.

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