Will Carmageddon Affect Final ‘Harry Potter’ Film’s Box Office?

The final Harry Potter film opens this weekend coinciding just in time with Carmageddon. Does this mean the boy who lived is doomed at the box office?

The two biggest events in Hollywood this summer are about to collide creating a blockbuster of their own. Carmageddon, the much feared and anticipated shutting down of the 405 freeway—one of the most trafficked highways in the country and certainly in all of lala-land—will occur over the opening weekend of the final film of the franchise. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 is expected to rake in more than any of the other films in the series with a prediction of a whopping $145 million for a three-day opening weekend, but is it possible that figure will be affected by what will likely be the greatest transportation catastrophe to ever hit the driving capital of America?

Carmageddon is expected to wreak havoc throughout Los Angeles, a city already known for its bad traffic, causing law enforcement to staff up and leaving most citizens planning to stick out the event by hunkering down at home. So can the lure of the much-anticipated final film of the Harry Potter franchise be enough to draw people out of the safety of their homes and into the cool air-conditioned theaters? In the city where everyone loves their movies and their cars, the answer is probably yes.

Despite causing a severe amount of road rage, it’s doubtful Carmageddon will make a significant impact on ticket sales for the final film of the J.K. Rowling franchise. According to Fandango, an online movie ticket sales site, over 2,000 showings of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two have been sold out for this weekend on screens across the country, including many theaters in Los Angeles. Since tickets have already purchased, it looks like Carmageddon may not affect the box office figures, but with significant traffic delays in store, ticket holders in Los Angeles may not make it to their seats in time if they forget about the 405 closure.

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