Will Casey Anthony Be Forced to Tell the Truth?

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Casey Anthony seems to be fading out of media attention, regardless of the fact that no one is responsible for the death of her beautiful 2-year-old daughter, Caylee. It does, however, seem that she may have to answer the difficult questions that she’s been dodging thus far.

 Casey Anthony will be a free woman by Monday morning.

Since being found not guilty of murder and being released from jail, lawyers for Zenaida Gonzalez have been trying to track down Tot Mom, to get a deposition for the civil trial against her. She had claimed early on that a nanny by that name had kidnapped Caylee, which this woman now claims has ruined her life. Similar claims are being made by meter reader Roy Kronk, who found the toddler’s skeletal remains not far from Anthony’s parents’ home.

Casey Anthony pleaded the 5th to nearly all the questions asked by Gonzalez’ attorneys, saying that anything she says may damage the appeal of her lying to police convictions. However, it appears the appeal will expire within the next six months and she will no longer be able to hide behind its protection. She will be required to give some answer, so she can either continue the lie, or she can tell the truth. Now, everyone knows Casey can lie. She will lie until there’s no going any farther, just like she did when she was walking detectives around Universal Studios.

Originally, the civil cases against Anthony were put on hold to accommodate her bankruptcy hearing, but a bankruptcy judge decided on Tuesday that she would have to go through the civil trials first, to see if there was a need for her to file bankruptcy.

John Dill is an attorney for Zenaida Gonzalez, who says his number one goal is to get Casey talking, saying: “We’d like to get her to tell the truth. I know that seems to be a challenge to get her to sit down and answer our questions, but that’s our goal: To have her testify as to what happened. Why did she single out our client? Why did she do this to our client? That’s why we want to have a trial, and that’s why we want to have her testify, and that’s what’s going to happen.” No exact dollar amount has been set as what they are asking be awarded for the suffering this caused to Ms. Gonzalez and her family; rather they will be happy with whatever a jury would decide.

Casey is just trying to avoid paying for all the damage she did. Can’t they, like, garnish her future earnings, even if she files bankruptcy? Since she was found not guilty, in the craziest, most unbelievable verdict since O.J., she should at very least have to pay those she hurt in the process of her lie. And, really, even if she does tell the truth, who’s going to believe her?

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