Will Chaz Bono Win ‘Dancing with the Stars’?

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Chaz Bono has brought a lot of attention to Dancing with the Stars. And now some pundits are saying he can win the coveted mirror ball trophy.

The former daughter and now son of the iconic duo Sonny and Cher has been drawing a lot of attention (both good and a lot of bad) about his recent transformation from female to male. And, while doing so, he may just be in line to take the big prize on the ABC talent show.

After going through what has to be dubbed a difficult medical transition, Chaz Bono has been able to have “the body that he should have always had,” says a source who is not afraid to be up front about the situation. In fact, Ilana Angel says, “It’s really not a big deal.”

Sadly, it’s been a big deal for some members of the community who will no longer watch Dancing with the Stars while Chaz is part of the picture. Apparently, some Christian-based organizations are even calling for a boycott. But that boycott will only draw more attention to the hit show and its new dancing contestant who just happens to be transgender.

Angel sums it up by saying that “Chaz Bono is brave and while I don’t know him, I like him.”

This writer continues, saying that Bono’s voice “needs to be heard and by his dancing, whether he speaks a word or not, [this] allows his voice to be heard loud and clear. The only thing these crazy Christian groups have done is guarantee he gets my vote.”

That will probably be true for a lot of people who want to see Chaz Bono thrive on Dancing with the Stars. And so, by doing so, this courageous transgendered man may just win the whole competition. You never know until the final DWTS episode, but hopefully, no matter what pundits do or don’t think about this person’s personal decision, the masses will be cheering him on in one way or another.

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