Will Chelsea Clinton Really Change Her Name to Mezvinsky?

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So everyone’s talking about how Chelsea Clinton is now engaged to her long-time boyfriend Marc Mezvinsky.  All I can think about is how ridiculous the notion is that she would change her name to Chelsea Mezvinsky!

I suppose it’s also notable that Mr. Mezvinsky is a banker for Goldman Sachs, which only further drives home the belief that the bank holding company is one of America’s three branches of government, along with Skull and Bones and, well, the Judiciary.

Anyways, I just can’t imagine that Chelsea Clinton, daughter of former president Bill and currently Secretary of State Hillary, would trade in that golden surname for anything ending with “-insky.”  Around the 2008 election, her run of public appearances led some to posit that she might just carry on the Clinton name in politics somewhere down the line.  I think just like many actresses, businesswomen, and other females who live and work in the public eye, she just might keep that familiar name.


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