Will Dumping Justin Bieber End Selena Gomez’s Career?

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Selena Gomez has kicked Justin Bieber to the curb. Now what? Whether Selenators will admit it or not, La Gomez is the megawatt star she is today partly because of her relationship with her (now) ex-“Boyfriend.” Will dumping him end her career? Or at the very least tarnish its brilliance and retard its momentum?

Those who have failed to blot the last two to three years from their minds will surely recall that those years have been extremely good ones for Selena Gomez. After becoming involved with JB, her career improved immensely. Before Selenators become incensed, no one is implying that Selena was a nobody before hooking up with the teen idol. She was a child star groomed by the Disney machine to be a successful…child star. She was starring on a popular Disney channel TV show, The Wizards of Waverly Place, but that show was already close to the end of its long run. True, she was a recording artist with a band, but she was hardly an international sensation. Furthermore, she was at the dangerous age for child stars–the late teen years when they must either transition into adult careers or fall by the wayside. After hooking her name and public persona to Justin Bieber’s, her successful yet hardly meteoric career took off like an Apollo spacecraft.

To reiterate: What now? Will the backlash from Bieber’s worldwide fan base negatively impact her image? Or will the attention garnered from being Biebs’ girlfriend for the past two years buoy her until the verdict comes in on her latest film, Spring Breakers?

Alas, only time can tell. But what do you think?

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