Will Enough Comcast Customers Stay Loyal?

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Are you among the Comcast customers who are considering moving your business to another provider? Or are you basically happy with Comcast and are willing to stick around and see if it can pull out of its downward trend?

Comcast was unhappy to report that they had 443,000 more homes that canceled than signed up this year so far after they lost 757,000 accounts in 2010 and 623,000 in 2009. These losses are offset to some extent by the push of their cable modem and broadband telephone services.

People are having to pinch pennies in this economy, so they are on the lookout for cheaper options. Add to that the fact that a cable company’s monopoly over pay television services is over, and customers can go with those services that are aggressively advertising for their business.

Even Google is getting in on the action by announcing that they will roll out an internet-served pay television service next year.

Will all this competition eventually be the “death knoll” for Comcast?

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