Will Farrah Abraham’s Daughter Call Her Grandfather By His First Name?

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Farrah Abraham was a Teen Mom for nearly four years. While fans were able to get to know her and her daughter Sophia, they still had some questions. In fact, one of the most common questions was, “Why does Farrah call her dad Michael?”

On last weeks reunion special, Farrah claimed that she called her father by his first name because she had no respect for him. If she did go into detail (again) about why she calls her father by his first name, MTV obviously edited it out. In a recent interview with Wetpaint, Farrah again explained the situation, stating that, although people see it as disrespectful, Farrah does it out of respect, at least for her sister, Ashley. Michael is not Ashley’s biological father and she has always called him Michael and, per request of her mother, Farrah does the same. However, she says that there are times that she calls him “dad,” usually when it is only them together.

So, what will baby Sophia call her grandfather? The obvious answer seems to be “grandpa,” but Farrah revealed that her mother is trying to push the first name thing onto the next generation!

The Teen Mom said, “I don’t agree with how my mom now is having Sophia call my dad Michael. It’s kind of something my mom started and tries to continue to press, and I’ve just said “No, Grandpa Abraham. Grandpa.”

While not everyone may understand Debra’s intent with having Farrah call her own father by his first name, it is kind of understandable. However, it isn’t understandable that she would try to push that onto Sophia as well. Perhaps Ashley’s baby will not refer to Michael as “grandpa” and Debra is just trying to keep things fair between the grandkids. Farrah Abraham, though, sees that in the end, it is ultimately her decision what Sophia calls her grandfather.

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