Will ‘Gangnam Style’ Psy Mirror Justin Bieber or Rebecca Black?

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Will Gangnam Style pop star Psy go the way of Justin Bieber or Rebecca Black? Bieber and Black represent the best and the worst of what can happen as a result of instant YouTube popularity.

According to a report from Forbes, there are a few things the Korean star will need to do in order to mirror Justin Bieber. He will need to perfect his English, come up with some new–and equally popular–dance moves, and churn out some more pop hits.

PSYRebecca Black became an instant pop star with her YouTube hit Friday, but she disappeared just as quickly as she arrived. She likely achieved a good part of her notoriety because of her song being so bad and her video even worse. The fact that it was parodied so frequently put her in the limelight way more than any notion of her having talent did.

The Gangnam Style singer has talent. With Scooter Braun at the helm, he stands a much better chance of following in Justin Bieber’s footsteps than Rebecca Black did. His present hit song will likely garner endorsements and he stands to make big bucks with that. If he sticks with Braun’s direction, learns English and churns out those pop hits, he will likely go far.

Do you see Psy as mirroring Justin Bieber or Rebecca Black as a YouTube break-out star? Will he enjoy the longevity of a real pop star or come to pass as a temporary YouTube sensation?

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