Will Garth Brooks Tour in 2014 with Trisha Yearwood?

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Garth Brooks has been in semi-retirement for a few years, but he’s isn’t finished as a country music singer just yet. He is waiting for his youngest daughter to leave for college and that will happen in 2014. Once she hits the road it is anticipated that Garth and Trisha won’t be far behind. They won’t be heading off for vacation like some couples do after the kids leave. No, they will head off to work and their work is performing for the fans.

Trisha Yearwood, aka Mrs. Brooks, has been busy with her own side-line career. She has written a few cook books and Saturday, April 14, 2012 her cooking show will air at 10:30 am eastern time on the Food Network. It is called “Trisha Yearwood’s Kitchen” and it will come to you from her kitchen in Nashville, Tennessee.Garth Brooks If you love Trisha, tune in to find out what she cooks for her family.

But she is still in the music business and working on a new album for herself. Will there be a Garth Brooks-Trisha Yearwood album coming out in 2014 for that tour? It is possible and if Garth thinks his fans would love it he’ll probably do it. Garth is very fan-oriented and to have him and his lovely wife on stage together certainly would be worth the price of admission.

Garth Brooks has Friends in Low Places and it is time for him to get back onstage and tell you all about them!

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