Will ‘Glass House’ Get Shattered by CBS Lawsuit?

Early attempts by CBS to derail ABC’s Glass House failed miserably. However, the eye network—home of Big Brother—isn’t about to give up. They’re going to sue for what they believe is copyright and trade secret infringement.

The goal for CBS is to get ABC’s show evicted for all time. It seems CBS execs don’t believe television airwaves have enough room for both shows. In short, they don’t like, nor want, the competition.

Previously, the powers-that-be at the eye network didn’t have much ammunition to prove their case. Now that the ABC show has aired, they can better see, and point out, the similarities between the two shows. It is their contention that the ABC show “employs the same plots, mood, setting, pace, characters, dialogue, sequence of events and other concrete elements” of Big Brother. They also point to like plot elements like the use of “older” and “openly gay” players and the occasional “showmance” or two.

If all that proves true, CBS may have a point. It would seem to build a case that someone could have spilled trade secrets from the original show. If so, they could have violated non-compete agreements, which has been CBS’s contention from the beginning.

It will be interesting to see how the case plays out. Television shows have copied or stolen ideas from other shows for decades. However, this is one of the few cases where such practices got called into question. The final verdict could have an impact on how networks operate in the future.

What do you think? Is Glass House a rip-off of Big Brother? If so, should it be cancelled or is a little competition healthy?

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