Will Hoda Kotb Replace Ann Curry on ‘The Today Show?’

Will Kathie Lee Gifford’s sidekick Hoda Kotb replace Ann Curry as co-anchor on The Today Show? Sources say she’s the rumored front-runner for the job since Curry is about to be ousted. That would leave Gifford without a cohort for the last hour of the show. Who will she drink wine with if her beloved ‘Hoda-girl’ moves on?

According to a report from RadarOnline, some believe that Matt Lauer’s approval of Kotb could make her a shoe-in for the job. Of course her credentials Profile Pictureare pretty impressive, too.

Kotb joined NBC back in 1998 and is as comfortable discussing international issues as she is pop culture. Her openness with her breast cancer fight endeared her to many.

So if Hoda Kotb replaces Ann Curry, then who repAnn Currylaces Hoda? Maybe Regis Philbin will come out of retirement and take the job. Of course that’s just plain silly, but it would certainly add an intriguing twist to The Today Show’s fourth hour—wouldn’t it?

Will this huge shake up at NBC cause any hard feelings among the group in question? There’s Ann Curry, who clearly is being slammed, but is walking away with millions and will likely stay on, reporting on foreign issues. Then of course there’s Hoda, who will likely feel at least a little bit uncomfortable taking over Curry’s job. Some folks say Savannah Guthrie could be in the running for Ann Curry’s job as well, but others say because she didn’t score nearly as high as Hoda in focus groups, she probably won’t get the job. And then of course there’s Kathie Lee Gifford, who will be left alone during the fourth hour of the show to talk menopause, sip wine and fawn over hot men all by her lonesome.

So how do you think NBC will solve this giant debacle? Will Hoda Kotb be Matt Lauer’s new co-anchor on The Today Show? Who will co-host with Kathie Lee?

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