Will Ian Somerhalder Spend Christmas with Nina Dobrev?

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Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev are going to get a small break from filming The Vampire Diaries for the holidays, but will they be spending the time together? The two were not together for Thanksgiving, primarily because Nina had her wisdom teeth out and was stuck at home with ice packs, but could Christmas be different?

“Packing for Christmas and realizing what an File:Ian Somerhalder.jpgamazing year this has been. Introspection good. My clothes off AGAIN at work tomorrow hmmm,” Ian tweeted on Wednesday night. It sounds like Ian will be heading to LA for the holidays, or he could be going on a romantic getaway with Nina—who knows?

The question that many fans want to know is whether or not Ian and Nina will celebrate Christmas together. If they don’t, it’s more than likely that they will be together on New Year’s Eve, but don’t forget that these two are really good about evading the media and it’s quite possible that no one will find out their plans.

Now, if they decided to tweet a photo of them kissing each other at midnight on NYE? Well that would be an awesome way for their fans to ring in 2012!

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