Will Jeremy Lin or Tim Tebow Succeed Longer in New York?

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Their link stays stronger than ever. As Time magazine confirmed their effect on the country, Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow prepare to show New York fans they’re worth the attention. So which athlete has a better chance for success in the Big Apple?

Lin in running for NBA Sportsmanship Award for New York Knicks

He’s been in the spotlight for barely six months and already Lin has earned the praise from Time magazine and now the league itself. The upstart Asian-American point guard got some good news during his rehab when news came out he was a finalist along with five others for the NBA Sportsmanship Award. The honor goes to the athlete who shows the most sportsmanship on and off the court. It’s a tremendous accomplishment for a young man who was sleeping on his friends couch a few months ago. More importantly its welcome news to the New York Knicks who have had a long run of bad publicity. Jeremy Lin did a lot for the sport of basketball, not just as an Asian-American or undrafted point guard but as a humble young man who values faith and honor above money and fame. It’s little wonder fans flocked to his Linsanity craze. It is also why they hope he might return for the playoffs if the Knicks can somehow reach the second round. They don’t want it to end.

Tebow’s charity work overshadowed by New York Jets and Taylor Swift

People probably think Tim Tebow made the Time magazine list because of his heroic comebacks during the 2011 NFL season. Who can forget his climactic pass in overtime to defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers in the playoffs? The truth is he earned the honor with his honesty and openness towards fans, not to mention a wealth of charity work. That is the player the New York Jets brought in. They need good publicity more than ever. The problem is, through no fault of Tebow’s, is such work gets overshadowed by girlfriend rumors such as Taylor Swift or Lindsey Vonn. All the third-year quarterback wants to do is play football for the Jets but his popularity could make that difficult. If there is one thing New Yorkers won’t tolerate it’s a player who can’t handle his personal distractions. Like Lin, Tebow seemed to thrive on the pressure, but how much longer can either player weather the pressure cooker of success in New York?

Time magazine says Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow are more than passing fads, at least for one year. Whether it’s an NBA Sportsmanship Award or loads of charity work, both men gained the love of fans through more than winning. The New York Knicks and New York Jets brought them in to succeed. While Lin deals with injury problems, Tebow wrestles with Taylor Swift rumors. Both can easily sink careers if not handled carefully. Ask Tiger Woods. Whether they can or not will show by the end of 2012.

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