Will Jessica Alba Let Kids Be Child Stars?

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Jessica Alba might have been a child actress, but there is no way she is going to subject her children to the same pressure that she had as a kid. Clearly working on the ‘Spy Kids’ movies must have brought back some old memories.

Jessica-Alba-The-EyeA 13-year-old Jessica Alba starred in the Disney movie ‘Camp Nowhere,’ so she understands the rigors of a child actor’s schedule. She definitely does not want her 3-year-old daughter Honor Marie or the baby to come to live that life.

I was a child actor and it worked for me, given the circumstances I was in, but I’m lucky enough to give my daughter and my second baby a completely different life and an education that I never had the opportunity to have.

Though she is not opposed to her kids having careers in the arts, Jessica Alba would be happy if they went to college, gained a little life experience, and then made a career.

One thing is for sure; she has been learning to balance her own work and being a mother. It is a challenge, but she schedules time when she turns off the phone and gives Honor Marie her undivided attention. Of course, that would be different if Alba lets her act as a child.

Maybe she feels lucky she turned out the way she did after her time at Disney and refuses to subject her daughter to the machine that turned out Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, and Miley Cyrus…who all top the list of Disney stars turned ‘problem children’ for one reason or another. That may be the best reason of all for Jessica Alba to keep her kids away from the cameras.


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