Will Kate Gosselin Like What Jon is Feeding the Children?

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Kate Gosselin is pretty picky about what her eight little Gosselins eat. In fact, the notion that she “sacrifices” to feed her kids wholesome foods, including organics, has been featured on past episodes of Jon and Kate Plus 8. Well, the kids are with dad Jon Gosselin this weekend, and the entire gang was photographed picking up pizza and soda for dinner. What’s Kate going to think about this?

According to RadarOnline, Jon Gosselin and the children were seen outside of Jon and girlfriend Ellen Ross’s favorite pizza joint in Pennsylvania–picking up some dinner before heading back to their apartment. Beware, Jon! This could wind up as Kate’s new weapon with which to bash you–poor nutrition.

Of course no one wants their kids eating a steady diet of pizza and soda, but just because Jon and the kids picked up pizza once, certainly doesn’t mean that’s what they eat all the time. It will be interesting, however, to learn what Kate Gosselin’s reaction to this nutrition faux pas may be. Hopefully she has eased her attacks on Jon Gosselin just a wee bit. After all, they’ve been divorced for 20 months now.

Do you think Kate Gosselin will lash out at her ex-husband for what he feeds the kids? She has lashed out at him for sillier things in the past. Do you think the Kate Plus Eight star has mellowed some and decided to lay off on the Jon-bashing? Or is she just storing up ammo to use the next time she appears on a daytime TV talk show, which is where she seems to take aim and fire most often at Jon–in front of a large audience?

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