Will Kate Middleton Look-Alike Go Topless?

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A Kate Middleton look-alike could make mega bucks if she poses topless. So will she follow in the footsteps of the Duchess of Cambridge by getting captured on camera baring her breasts?

Former waitress Heidi Agan should be receiving a call from Playboy any day now – after all, Kate’s semi-nude photos are big news, and the men’s mag would probably love to use the scandal to sell magazines. Obviously Hugh Hefner wouldn’t be able to convince Kate to doff her top again, so he’d have to go after the next best thing – a model like Heidi who resembles Middleton.

According to The Mirror, single mother Heidi Agan looks so much like Kate Middleton that her 3-year-old daughter shouts “mummy!” whenever she sees photos of Kate.

Just like Kate, Heidi is recently receiving a fair amount of media attention as the public marvels at just how much she resembles the Duchess. So it wouldn’t be surprising if Heidi gets a lucrative offer from Playboy soon. However, here’s what Heidi had to say about Kate’s photos and the prospect of posing without a top:

“She and William don’t get any time out and they were just trying to be a normal couple. It’s a terrible invasion of their privacy.

I haven’t been asked to go topless on any of the jobs yet – and I certainly wouldn’t do it because I’m a mum-of-two!”

Even though Heidi is a single mother of two, it’s not like she needs the money that posing topless would provide – she already makes over $1,000 each time she makes an appearance as the Duchess of Cambridge. So just like Kate, she’s living a real-life fairytale – she went from working tables just to make ends meet to making big bucks simply by putting on a pretty blue dress and acting like a princess. But while Heidi might not need to resort to posing topless, she will accept other odd photo shoot requests – she didn’t turn down a shoot that required her to play Twister with look-alikes of the Queen and Prince William.

Since Heidi has gotten so much attention for looking like Kate recently, hopefully she’s not a fan of sunbathing – the paparazzi might try to make some quick cash by taking snaps of the Duchess’ doppelg√ɬ§nger.

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