Will Katy Perry Help Obama Win Reelection?

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Pop singing sex symbol Katy Perry has been on the campaign trail with Obama, performing in various states for the POTUS, but is she helping his chances of winning Tuesday’s election? The singer appeared in Milwaukee on Saturday night to sing in support of Obama, donning a sexy blue dress with the slogan ‘Forward’ emblazoned down the front of it. Her appearance was a glamorous one (aren’t they all?), but was it helpful in Wisconsin?

Pop singer Katy Perry, sporting a skin-tight minidress with President Barack Obama's campaign slogan "Forward" emblazoned across it, sings at a rally for Obama, Saturday, Nov. 3, 2012, in Milwaukee.

Well, it was probably helpful in Nevada when she appeared in North Las Vegas alongside the current commander in chief. Nevada is currently leaning toward President Obama according to the latest electoral maps. As for Wisconsin, outcome looks to be about the same with Romney trailing behind by a few percentage points. Overall Obama is slightly ahead of Romney, which is probably giving some conservatives major headaches.

Progressive politics and the cultures tied to Hollywood and the entertainment industry in general has long been the banes of the existence of conservative politicians and their voter-base. So there’s no doubt that thinking about Katy Perry in support of Obama will anger those who are casting their votes for Romney. After all, the only famous people supporting him and his party are out-of-work actors from 1990s fame and tired singers who should have run like “A Bat out of Hell” instead of putting themselves out there to be scrutinized by others in their respective industries.

In fact, it does seem that people like Perry and other celebs do in fact help democrats—otherwise the far right wouldn’t get so bitter and bitchy anytime one endorses a liberal politician. Perry has a fan base of over 17 million people on Twitter and over 40 Million on Facebook. Certainly out of those several million people there are voting adults who have cast their votes for President Obama.

Photo: Wisconsin Rapids Tribune

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