Will Kristen Stewart Choose Robert Pattinson or Career?

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Kristen Stewart has managed to do what many assumed she couldn’t or hoped rather, and won back Robert Pattinson. There are those who believe in the mantra, “once a cheater, always a cheater,” and are convinced Rob is making a big mistake. Then there are those who live in the real world and realize people make stupid mistakes, but life goes on.

Since the whole scandal, Kristen has maintained a fairly low profile. She wasn’t exactly a social butterfly in the past, but she has certainly limited her time in public. Her reputation has clearly suffered a bit, but her career has not been completely derailed. That does not mean she is ready to give up Hollywood.

An insider explains her “ambition” may ultimately drive Rob away, not her philandering. According to an insider, “Kristen’s telling Rob she’ll take some time off to be with him, but she’s very ambitious—if a great role comes up, she’ll find it hard to refuse.” Rob has a string of projects lined up himself. It is not as if he is going to be sitting at home pining while Kristen works her tail off.

The source adds, “At the moment, they’re focused on Twilight and Rob can keep her in his sights, but after that it will be tough.” Yes, it will be difficult, but that is the business. They cannot always work together, and their careers take them all around the world. Like any celebrity couple, they spend weeks apart. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart should be used to the long-distance thing. It will take a lot of trust on both parts for them to make this work.

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