Will Lady Gaga’s VMA Mystery Date Be Jo Calderone?

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Lady Gaga’s fans have tweeted their wishes and expectations for the MTV Video Music Awards. It’s quite an eclectic list. The principle question seems to be: will Jo Calderone put in an appearance? Better yet: will he be the Judas singer’s date?

As all faithful Little Monsters know, Jo Calderone is Lady Gaga’s male alter ego. And a rather unattractive, scrofulous-looking dude he is. Not exactly what any sane woman with 20/20 vision would call a “catch.” But then, Jo’s not a real guy, he’s La Germanotti’s other imaginary friend. And, although the Poker Faced One reportedly possesses normal vision, she’ll never be a poster girl for the American Mental Health Association.

But back to the mobile meat hook and her make-believe man– who isn’t really make-believe, he’s just Lady Gaga in one of her many increasingly boring get-ups. The question is: Will Jo Calderone put in a VMA appearance? Only the lady herself knows for sure. However, knowing how much she enjoys pandering to–er–pleasing her Little Monsters, Jo just might show up. He certainly has his admirers. In fact, according to MTV News, the “one thing fans definitely want to see is a guy named Jo Calderone.”

“Hopefully she invites @JoCalderone as her ‘date.’ ” Tweeted a fan called @Steveo_010

Another fan, @JustJustan, thinks Jo Calderone will accept her awards. Or rather, she’ll accept her awards as her male alter. Whatever.

Tonight is the night when the Little Monsters’ questions and prayers will be answered. Whatever their Mother Monster does at the VMAs or whomever she dredges up from the recesses of her psyche, they’re sure to be happily entertained for a few glittering–or grungy–minutes. And then she’ll hopefully recede into whatever or wherever she languishes until the next time she decides to be provocative.

You go, Lady Gaga. You too, Jo.

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