Will LeBron James Sidestep the Kobe Bryant Marriage Achievements?

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The championships and the MVP trophies are something LeBron James wants when drawing comparisons with Kobe Bryant. However, there are one or two other achievements the King might want to avoid given his already shaky popularity.

LeBron should thank Tim Tebow for taking all the Kim Kardashian flak

Winning doesn’t solve everything. Try as he might to stay quiet, people are still finding ways to dislike LeBron and by extension his Miami Heat. The basketball star heads the list of MVP candidates again. His team stays favored to win a championship, again. James doesn’t have his ring yet and will never get to the upper level without it. Numbers only go so far and the small forward can’t seem to get the fans on his side, perhaps because they’re starting to see he doesn’t have what separates great players from élite players. He can’t finish games, win them in the clutch. Since joining the league, LeBron James has one memorable game-winning shot. It’s no wonder fans just shrug that his Heat are rampaging through the regular season. However, he should at least be grateful for one thing. As a Tim Tebow fan, he should thank the Broncos quarterback for keeping him out of the Kim Kardashian rumor pool. In his quest for greatness, the “King” can say he doesn’t sour the fans with personal soap operas like Tiger Woods and Kobe Bryant have.

The Vanessa Bryant saga has shadowed Kobe and the Los Angeles Lakers

Michael Jordan remains the main target but James hasn’t even reached Kobe status either. The Los Angeles Lakers have won five championships with Bryant at guard and stay a force in the west even at his advanced age of 35. None of that can erase the stigma that follows him daily with the ongoing divorce with Vanessa Bryant. After ten years of marriage the two called it quits on the grounds of Kobe cheating on her and thus began a roller coaster ride including $75 million settlements and TMZ photos of secret kisses. Give LeBron credit on that point. He’s stayed grounded on the girlfriend/wife front and makes people hate him purely for basketball reasons. NBA fans hate Kobe because he got accused of rape in 2004 and because he’s a whining, cheating creep who just happens to play great basketball. Whether those comparisons will change depend on what James does after he marries longtime girlfriend Savannah Brinson.

LeBron James wants greatness and has the tools and the team to do it. The Miami Heat have already surpassed the Los Angeles Lakers, but it will take years for LeBron to surpass Kobe Bryant, let alone Michael Jordan. However, the King can at least take comfort that the Vanessa Bryant, Tim Tebow, and Kim Kardashian drama hasn’t found a way to his doorstep. Yet.

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