Will ‘Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives’ Prove that the Giant Beast Is Still Out There?

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Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives is a shark week special that sets out to convince viewers that a huge prehistoric beast is still lurking far in the depths of the ocean — even though scientists say that it went extinct well over a million years ago.

Shark week’s tagline this year is, “It’s a bad week to be a seal,” but just imagine how much trouble the cute and cuddly sea critters would be in if a 67-foot giant with teeth bigger than a human hand was out there looking for a quick snack. However, Tara Reid shouldn’t be too worried — since the megalodon is more than three times larger than a white shark, there’s no way a sharknado could pick that thing up.

Speaking of Sharknado, the Syfy hit has something in common with Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives — they’re both purely fantasy. While the shark week show might throw in a few fun facts about megalodons, there’s just no way that such huge animals would have escaped notice for so long. It also looks like the show has borrowed some tactics from two Animal Planet specials that stretched the truth, the ratings bonanzas that were Mermaids: The Body Found and Mermaids: The New Evidence.

The mermaid mockumentaries used faux historical accounts and fake eyewitness footage to try to prove to viewers that mermaids exist, and it looks like the megalodon special is going to do something similar. The first video below is an example of the fake, shaky camera footage that the special will likely feature a lot of. It claims that a dead whale missing most of its tail is evidence of the existence of modern-day megalodons.

There will probably be some sort of disclaimer pointing out that the shark week special is not a real documentary, but it will be interesting to see how many people miss it and take to Twitter to express their amazement that megalodon is still out there (something similar happened with the mermaid specials). But until the guy from River Monsters reels in one of the giants, you’ll only get to see digital renderings of them in bad Syfy movies like Shark Attack 3: Megalodon.

If you care to watch shark week sell out in an effort to hook stupid people, you can check out the mega mockumentary on Sunday, August 4 at 9p.m. ET on the Discovery Channel. Hopefully next year Discovery doesn’t resort to trying to convince viewers that sharknados are a real thing or that the body of a mermaid was found inside a shark.

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