Will Miley Cyrus Ever Be Tamed?

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It’s pretty unclear right now. 17-year-old Miley Cyrus seems quite content with chopping off a few years of her life as her recent actions continue to be more reflective of a 21-year-old college girl on spring break than someone who hasn’t even graduated high school. And now, she’s got more parents angry at her.

A new video of Miley Cyrus was released recently, which shows the girl lying on a bed, with no pants on, grinding and getting ready for a night out. Once she hits the club (which she probably isn’t legally old enough to even be in) she “caresses her chest while she gropes older men on the dance floor.” The Parents Television Council is not happy.

And honestly, they have every right to be upset about this. Young girls look up to stars like Miley Cyrus and want to be her. If this is how they see her acting, that’s what they’ll want to do. Not all of them will, but if they lack the parental guidance and reality check that Miley seems to be without, who knows what they might think is ok to do.

Miley’s response?

“I’m just living life! I’m just like y’all!”

Yeah. No, you’re not. And let’s keep it that way.


Singer Miley Cyrus is all smiles as she shows her love for peace and shorty short cut offs, while out and about in Toluca Lake, Ca on October 08, 2010 Fame Pictures, Inc

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