Will o’ the Wisp, by P. L. Parker

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Fascinating, intriguing, odd… Will o’ the Wisp by P.L. Parker is all of these and more. Starting with Tannis fleeing from her scary pursuer, hiding, healing, changing… Tannis who’s not quite human perhaps, a pursuer who’s not quite known, and a danger not quite perceived. The story’s pleasingly unsettling, the more so as Assassin Kadin’s point of view becomes known. Who’s good? Who’s evil? And what is their purpose here?

The writing’s pleasantly lyrical, convincingly portraying a non-human viewpoint in a very human world. Romantic interests intervene in a natural and believable way, and the author’s gentle touch with emotion leads to a slow and curious dance, the known and unknown bending, kindness and danger reaching out to meet.

Will o the Wisp is a short tale with some fascinating ideas, leaving the reader both satisfied and wanting more. An enjoyable lunchtime read.


Disclosure: I was lucky enough to buy a free ecopy of this short story.

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