Will Obama cut Social Security?

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Will President Obama cut Social Security? It may be so. He has 47,000 Americans on sequester, and Social Security may not be far behind. People who fly are terrified, and so are people who depend on the federal government for a livelyhood.

How can they cut jobs at such a miserable time in our economy? What is worse, Federal employees cannot seek another job, because the govenment is only cutting out a day here and there.

Now, what about Social Security and Medicare? What really chaps me, is the party president who willingly cuts our jobs and benefits, but refused to slow down his party lifestyle and that of his wife and kids.

If we have to have an austerity program, then, he should lead by example. Stay home a few days and cut back, Mr. President. You might enjoy the family, dog, and Americans might enjoy you. Remind me, why he was re-elected?

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