Will Obama Persuade Governor Patterson To Appoint Caroline Kennedy As Senator By Giving NY Money?

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Like lots of states New York needs money and some of the monetary needs goes for the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA).

I'll agree that the Transit Authority in New York City isn't real bad, kind of. You can get to almost any place within the city by using the subways as long as you don't want to go to Staten Island or the east side of Manhattan.

There are express busses that can get you from Staten Island to Manhattan and from Brooklyn to Manhattan too. The price is now $2.00 one way for subways and busses, not the express busses, those are way more expensive. But by next year fares will be going up.

New Yorkers have heard that the fares might go up to $3.50 one way, tolls on bridges and tunnels will go up even higher, express busses will go way up, and Excess-A-Ride, for older people and people with handicaps who cannot ride the crowded subways, will go for $2.00 one way to $6.00 one way! Figures, the people who need help the most will be paying a lot more.

But, to the rescue is President Elect Obama, who has said that he will try to get New York some of the money it needs so the fares won't go up so high and the roads in New York State can be fixed.

But, being a very suspicious person, I wonder why and how Obama would do this for New York. Could it be that he's whispered this sweet temptation into Governor Patterson's ears and all Patterson has to do is to give a newly emptied Senatorial seat to a certain Kennedy who really wants to be New York's next Senator even though she has close to no qualifications?

Obama kind of owes Caroline Kennedy and New York needs money.

Will Governor Patterson sell New York's vacated Senatorial seat to Obama so New York will get money and Obama will be able to pay back Caroline Kennedy?

Stay tuned folks.

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