Will Obama Try to Force NC to Bow at the Federal Knee like AZ and Texas?

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Will Obama try to force NC to bow at the federal knee like AZ and Texas? That’s what some speculate may happen after a last-minute press conference was announced by the White House in the wake of the NC same-sex marriage ban.

And wouldn’t that be par for the course with this administration: Tell the voters he will answer to them and bring about the changes they want in Washington and then backtrack when they take him up on it.

BEND OVERThe Commander-in-Chief has got to come out for or against same-sex marriage at some point, and with Joe Biden running the field ahead of him on it recently, some news outlets like Fox News have heard today is the day.

“He’ll make some news,” a source told them, promising Obama isn’t going to repeat ‘old ground’ this time.”

But making news for this president can mean anything from dancing around the topic and expressing his “discouragement” to an all-out war with the DOJ as his tool.

Arizona came under federal attack by the administration when it dared to try and corral its burgeoning illegal immigrant population; Texas got the federal axe when it dared to try and say the state would pay for its own women’s health care rather than keep killing unborn babies.

What’s North Carolina to expect from the federal taskmaster who has already taken the legs off “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”?

Today’s press conference isn’t so much about whether the president supports gay marriage—everything he’s done legislatively to that end screams that he does, including not defending the Defense of Marriage Act.

Instead, today’s briefing by the Democrat is about just how hard he will hit NC voters between now and November, when he is supposed to hold his own party’s convention there—and wants their vote come election day.

If the president waffles and dillydallies over the recent victory against same-sex marriage in the state he’ll tick off the homosexual community and their gay rights agenda. If he seeks to try and undo what NC voters have done at the polls he will reinforce what many already think about him: He’s a tyrant and dictator-wannabe and not a leader of a free America.

So which will it be: Obama the dictator or the president who is the champion of democracy at the polls?

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