Will Perez Hilton Get In Trouble Over These Miley Cyrus Pictures? [PHOTOS HERE]

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Ahhh…the world we live in. It always makes you think, doesn’t it? It sure makes me shake my head a lot.

The never ending world of gossip, and how we have 50 different shows on T.V. now-a- days dedicated too who slept with whom, what’s so and so is wearing today….blah, blah blah!!!

But people seem to love it! For me it just depends on the story.

But this Miley Cyrus story just won’t die. All over a picture. Wow.

Who is this Perez Hilton dude anyways?

Some people love his work, and just say he’s doing his job, others think he is a creep and  borders on a…..well very strange dude to put it mildly.

But should Hilton get in trouble over posting the pictures, who knows. In this crazy world of Hollywierd, anything is possible.

Here are the Pictures….click link


Miley Cyrus is a young attractive girl, with a lot of talent. She’s got to know by now though that there are people like Hilton out there waiting for these things to happen.

I think you are talented Miley and have a great voice, just try to cover up a little more when you go out! Or at least until you turn 18!!

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