Will Regis Philbin Change His Mind About Leaving ‘Live?’

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Will Regis Philbin decide not to retire, and to stay on Live With Regis and Kelly instead? A recent report says he is presently “regretting his decision” to announce his departure.

According to Popeater, Regis could have opted to stay on the show, although it would have meant a significant cut in pay.

“He should have accepted a pay cut and remained on the show he created,” a source tells Popeater. “He’s 79, and everyone knows TV is a young person’s game. What was he thinking? I’m sure he looked at how the public has welcomed back Kathie Lee [Gifford, his old co-star] on ‘Today’ and assumed they would do the same for him. But as of now, he hasn’t had any great offers.”

Is it too late for Regis Philbin to change his mind and stay on Live With Regis and Kelly? It may be. He likely signed legal papers saying he would be getting through, and they may not be able to be reneged.

Could it be that the network wanted Regis Philbin to step down? Is that why if he remained on Live he would have taken a pay cut amounting to millions per year?

It seems that Regis was upset with the way contract negotiations were panning out when he submitted his resignation. Just prior to doing so, he also fired his long time agent, Jim Griffin.

Regis Philbin will likely find another TV outlet for big bucks. Some have even suggested he check out the game show circuit. After all, there must be some silly game grownups can play while Regis eggs them on or makes clipped remarks as they participate–right?

Do you think Regis Philbin made a hasty decision about leaving Live With Regis and Kelly? Do you think if he asked, that the Live producers would let him take back his resignation? Could you see Regis hosting a game show instead? What do you suppose Kelly Ripa’s take is on all of this?

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