Will Robert Pattinson Move Back in With Kristen Stewart?

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Will Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart live together again? Kristen just bought a beach home in Malibu, but claims it’s more for her mom than for herself. She thinks of the Malibu home as a ‘quick fix’ in hopes that Rob will let her move back in with him in the near future. Do you think that’s even a remote possibility?

According to a report from Hollywood Life, a source close to Kristen says she hopes that she and Rob can start over again in a life together–whether he chooses to buy a home in L.A. or in London. She doesn’t really care which it is, as long as they’re together.

Robert Pattinson - London, United Kingdom“It’s a temporary home for Kristen for the time being,” the source explains of the home she bought for mom Jules Stewart when her parents announced they were divorcing. “Kristen is clinging onto the belief that Robert will eventually forgive her for the cheating scandal and they will get back together.”

If the Breaking Dawn Part 2 co-stars do reconcile, do you think he will want to immediately live together again right away? Or do you think he’ll prefer to keep separate residences for a while and see how their relationship progresses?

Do you think Kristen Stewart is jumping the gun by hoping she will soon be living with Robert Pattinson again? Should she maybe set her sights on simply getting back together for now, and worry about living together a little later down the road?

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