Will Royals Sue Over Kate Middleton Topless Photo Scandal?

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Might the royals sue over Kate Middleton’s topless photos, published Friday in a French tabloid? It seems it’s a consideration—but on what grounds?

According to a report from RadarOnline, it’s uncertain yet, but options are being poured over ever since word of Kate’s ‘fully topless,’ replete with nipples bared photos hit the media.

If the royals opt to sue, it will be an unprecedented case, as they have never sued the media before. Sources at Harbottle & Lewis, a London law firm, say tKate Middleton - London, United Kingdomhey have been contacted and several options have been discussed, including invasion of privacy.

The source goes on to say that these photos are nothing like those taken in Las Vegas recently of a naked Prince Harry. The Duchess of Cambridge and her husband Prince William weren’t partying in a hotel room with outsiders.

“These photos are clearly a blatant invasion of privacy,” the source says. “They are obviously taken with a very long lens and capture Kate and her husband relaxing, on private property, where they had every expectation of complete privacy.”

How do you suppose this latest (semi) nude photo scandal will turn out? The royal family is rocked yet again in a matter of weeks by a very embarrassing turn of events. Will they sue the media for publishing these topless photos of Kate Middleton?

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