Will Selena Gomez Dye Her Hair Blonde for Movie Role, Like Vanessa Hudgens?

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Selena Gomez is without question one of the most beautiful brunette actresses working today. Just ask her boyfriend, Justin Bieber! Bet he’d tell you that in a heartbeat. But now that Selena’s movie co-star Vanessa Hudgens has dyed her hair blonde for their film Spring Breakers, will Gomez follow suit?

No. There’s no way Selena’s dying her hair for this movie role, at least, not now. Rehearsals are over and filming is officially underway in St. Petersburg, Florida, for Spring Breakers, which also stars Pretty Little Liar‘s Ashley Benson. She’s already blonde, so there’s no change coming there. Besides, while Vanessa can pull off the chameleon thing, it just seems so unlikely that Selena would be an attractive blonde. Maybe so – she’s gorgeous no matter what – but perhaps lighter hair wouldn’t be nearly as flattering on her.

Either way, Vanessa Hudgens is solidly in the blonde camp now, leaving Selena Gomez holding her own as the only brunette among the trio of Spring Breakers stars. Fans, what say you? Could Selena pull off a brunette-to-blonde switch like Vanessa?

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