Will Selena Gomez’s Fans React Like Miley Cyrus’s Did?

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Will fans react to Selena Gomez’s new ‘more adult’ film roles the way Miley Cyrus’s fans reacted to hers? Could her Disney image stand in the way of fans accepting and touting films like Spring Breakers?

According to a report from Fox News, it’s a very real concern. Selena just recently wrapped filming Spring Breakers in Florida. The film stars James Franco and features Selena, along with Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson, as girls in their early twenties who drink, smoke and are rather scantily dressed. This is a far cry from Selena’s squeaky clean Disney image.

Profile PictureShouldn’t that be the key word though–image? Selena is simply playing a role in this film. She’s not taking part in those activities in her real life.

Enter Miley Cyrus and her new film LOL. It has pretty much bombed. In the film Miley drinks, smokes, has premarital sex and pretty much mirrors how she’s behaved in real life. Still her on-screen persona may have been harshly judged by those who remember the Hannah Montana star. Their parents could actually have played a role as well.

Profile PictureIs it possible that fans expect Disney stars to stay forever Disney stars? Might Selena Gomez’s Wizards of Waverly Place fans be unhappy over her Spring Breakers role? Might their parents prefer they not see Selena playing such a role? And if that happens, could Spring Breakers bomb like Miley Cyrus’s LOL?

If this is the case that could prevent Selena Gomez from getting those ‘more adult’ film roles in the future. Of course if her acting is stellar she can certainly rise above all this. But is she destined to be an A-list actor?

How do you think Disney fans will react when Spring Breakers hits theaters in 2013? Could Selena’s acting days be limited the way Miley Cyrus’s most likely are?

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