Will Single Joe Jonas Reconnect with Exes Demi Lovato and/or Taylor Swift ?

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Now that Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene are no longer a couple, the question many of their fans are asking is:  how long will they remain single?  Rumor has it that the Twilight siren is already mending her broken heart with rocker Jared Followill.  As for her ex, will he move on to greener pastures or will he look to the past?  Not his past with Ashley, but rather his more distant past with his exes Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato.
Joe broke up with Taylor Swift in 2008 in a 27-second phone call! Although Joe allegedly tried to reach out to Taylor after he dumped her, she refused to take his calls.  Wonder why?  However, three years can heal a lot of wounds.  Perhaps an older, wiser, and newly single Joe Jonas will try to hook up with Taylor Swift a second time around.  Or not.  There’s always Demi Lovato.

Joe and Demi had “a much more tumultuous relationship.”   They were friends first–for years.  They finally started dating in early 2010 but broke up 5 months later.  Joe started dating Ashley Greene shortly thereafter, and he eventually brought her along with him on the Jonas Brothers World Tour.  Unfortunately, Demi Lovato was also performing on that tour.  Many people believe that the heartbreak of their split coupled with the stress of seeing Joe and Ashley together on a daily basis contributed to Demi’s psychological meltdown and her decision to check into a treatment facility.  Now that Demi is well, perhaps she and Joe will give their relationship another shot. 

Hmm.  Since all the parties involved in this bizarre hypothetical triangle are adults, they are all free to do as they please.  Even though three years have elapsed since that fateful 27-second phone conversation, Taylor Swift seems a tad too egotistical to dole out second chances to ex-lovers.  Or not.  If she takes him back and he “breaks her heart”  again, she can always write another hit song about it.  Demi Lovato is much more problematic.   If her psychological tailspin was indeed caused by her 2010 break with Jonas then perhaps these two should just avoid each other.  Any future hook-up(s) they might have will probably not end happily. 

Perhaps Joe Jonas should just look for someone new.  Someone brand new.  After all he’s a rich, young, famous pop star.  How difficult could it be?

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