Will Smith ‘Boyfriend’ Drama: Jada Pinkett Livid

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Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith continue to have marital problems allegedly caused by the actor’s super close relationship with his BFF Duane Martin. Although there is no evidence, concrete or otherwise, that Smith’s relationship with Martin is gay or bisexual, Jada is upset because she recently discovered that Will has a “singles pad.” Although Jada never knew about it, it seems the 2 BFFs hang out there a lot. Whether Martin’s wife Tisha Campbell knows about Smith’s home away from home is unknown. Although one would think La Campbell would wonder where her husband is when he’s not with her. Ah, the marital spinning wheel goes spinning round in a truly dizzying fashion.

Of course, according to some sources, Jada Pinkett-Smith is simply getting her comeuppance for the cheating rumors that swirled around her and her co-star Marc Anthony on the set of her series Nurse Hawthorne. Everyone on planet Earth knows how that drama ended. Although everyone involved vociferously denied any hanky-panky with anyone, Marc and J-Lo divorced. Will and Jada stayed together, but not happily. Jada allegedly spent some time away from home, trying to “find herself.” She returned and the Smiths continued to stay together. But they’re still not happy. Sic transit relationships.

So what do you think? Are Will Smith and his BFF Duane Martin having a gay extramarital affair? Is Jada Pinkett-Smith being overly suspicious and melodramatic about her husband’s and Duane’s “singles pad?” Should Tisha Campbell take her head out of the sand and pay a little more attention to what’s going on around her? (Duh.)

Time will tell. Stay tuned.

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