Will Smith Dead or Alive? Actor Latest Victim of Death Hoax

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Will Smith Dead? Alive? Which is it? The veteran actor and father of budding superstars Jaden and Willow Smith is rumored to be dead after an accident in New Zealand. But, are there any truth to these reports?

According to Gossip Cop, the report says:

“Actor Will Smith died while filming a movie in New Zealand early this morning – November 28, 2011. Preliminary reports from New Zealand Police officials indicate that the actor fell more than 60 feet to his death on the Kauri Cliffs while on-set. Specific details are not yet available.”

So, what’s the real story?

Will Smith is not dead, he probably wasn’t even in New Zealand. This story is the same story that has been generated many times before for other celebrity death hoaxes and bears no weight in the real world.

So, no worries, Will Smith Fans, the actor is alive and well and will probably tweet about the “Will Smith dead” rumor at some point soon.

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