Will Smith, Jayden Film ‘After Earth’ Movie in Costa Rica

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Will Smith posted pictures of the first day of filming for his new movie After Earth on Facebook. He also announced that his son Jayden Smith will play his son in the movie. The pair have been successful at this type of pairing before.

The father/son duo are filming the new movie in Costa Rica, and the setting is gorgeous in Will Smith’s Facebook pictures. Ahead of the first day of filming, it looks like the two were able to relax a bit together. While Costa Rica is obviously still on the planet, there is no doubt that the movie magic will end up using the best of the region to create another planet.

Dad Will is obviously a proud papa. On Facebook he posted a picture of himself and his son standing in front of a stunning pool with a mountain in the background. He wrote, “The day before we start shooting this lil’ movie we call ‘After Earth’ — did I mention Jaden Smith plays my son?” Smith’s next post is a picture of him standing by a monitor in the jungle. He captioned it with “First day of filming After Earth.” He is obviously excited about the upcoming film.

IMDb describes After Earth as “After a crash landing, a father and son explore an alien planet.” This sounds like it will be another great action/sci-fi flick for Will Smith, and it is something new for Jayden.

Will you go see this new M. Night Shyamalan directed movie featuring Will and Jayden Smith when it’s released in theaters June 7, 2013? It sounds like it could be a fabulous summer movie next year. It’s certainly something to look forward to because of the father/son duo acting together once again.

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