Will Smith Not Dead–Another Celebrity Death Rumor

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Will Smith is not dead, as reported rather rampantly over the internet. The rumor said he had fallen to his death off a cliff in New Zealand, however, the actor/singer is very much alive and well.

According to the Village Voice, Fakeawish.com was the site that started the rumor about the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, but it was soon diffused because they did a pretty poor job with their details.

First off, the cliff they said Will Smith fell from was called Kauri Cliffs. Guess what? Kauri Cliffs is the name of a five-star resort in New Zealand. Hey guys, if you’re going to start a rumor, at least make the basis of your lie full of factual information. This one was found out so fast that Memorial Day cookout folks didn’t even have to leave that last bite of burger behind to momentarily mourn their favorite Men in Black star.

Certainly everyone is glad that Will Smith is alive and well, but these incidents do beg the question of why people feel they have the right to cause alarm at the expense of others. What if these celebrities are traveling the world when these rumors start, and their families haven’t heard from them in days? The alarm this could cause is downright cruel.

Will Smith is just fine. He didn’t fall from Kauri Cliffs in New Zealand. But who will be the next victim of these increasingly annoying and potentially hurtful internet death rumors?

Really, people. Enough is enough!

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