Will Smith Parties with Blonde Hottie Sans Jada–Divorce Imminent?

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And now for the next episode of the continuing saga of Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith and their either perfect rock solid marriage or their marriage on the rocks–depending on whose version you believe. Recently, Will was seen partying with a hot blonde sans Jada. And the party was caught on film. Yikes.

Yes, just like signs of the Apocalypse, signs of the impending end of Will Smith’s marriage just keep on coming. The latest is a video of Will “cavorting” in South Beach with his wife nowhere in sight. However, there was a blond woman “looking like Kristen Wiig” very much in sight. Is divorce imminent? Possibly. According to sources, Will Smith is living it up like a bachelor. On December 18, he dined at the posh Sardinia restaurant with a group of friends that rather conveniently included the mystery blonde.

“He was fascinated by the woman,” tattled a source at the restaurant.“Several times I saw him put his hand on her arm. He was paying little attention to other people at the table. Then when they left and were waiting for their cars, he was shadowboxing and clowning around for her – and she was totally into him! …Will was behaving like a bachelor, and Jada seemed to be the last thing on his mind.”

Of course, the rumors of an affair between Jada Pinkett-Smith and Marc Anthony were false. Perhaps the new tale about Will Smith and the blonde is just that–a tall tale.

Then again, what happens on video, stays on video.

Stay tuned.

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