Will Tanning Mom Patricia Krentcil Pose for ‘Playboy?’

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‘Tanning Mom’ Patricia Krentcil has been pursued by several reality show producers since her extra toasty claim to fame. She’s also been asked if she’d consider posing for Playboy. Her answer? Yes!

According to a report from TMZ, don’t misunderstand. Playboy hasn’t asked Krentcil to pose. Someone unrelated to Playboy asked if she would pose if Hugh Hefner and his crew came calling.

Krentcil made news a couple of weeks ago when she was accused of taking her little girl into a tanning booth. She and the tanning salon management is denying the claims.

Now the ‘Tanning Mom’ is appearing all over the internet in her leathery orange glow. Can you imagine what she’d look like in all her naked glory, posing as a Playboy centerfold?

She even strikes a pose in preparation, just in case Hugh Hefner pulls up in a limo. You can she that shot by clicking here.

Do you think Playboy would ever ask Patricia Krentcil, a.k.a. Tanning Mom, to pose within their pages? Might they lose readership if they ever did such a thing?

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