Will Taylor Swift Date Harry Styles Now That She and Conor Kennedy Have Split?

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Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy have recently split, but the country crooner probably won’t stay single for long—she has to keep the material coming for future songs, after all. So after Taylor is done spilling her heart out about Conor, will One Direction singer Harry Styles be the subject of her following album?

There are rumors that Taylor hooked up with Hazza and that he broke her heart when he was caught kissing model Emma Ostilly, but other reports say that Taylor and Harry have always been nothing more than friends.

Hazza didn’t seem like he wanted to be tied down when he and Taylor first started talking—he was photographed partying with different girls every night of the week. So perhaps Taylor gave up pursuing anything more than a friendship because she could see that Harry was a lost cause. Instead she ended up falling for Conor Kennedy, another younger guy who rocks a head of curly locks. Maybe Taylor was attracted to him because he reminded her of Harry Styles.

And perhaps Taylor Swift was just at the wrong place at the wrong time back when she was crushing on Harry. According to the One Direction singer’s pal Will Sweeney, now Harry is finally ready to ditch his womanizing ways and is actually looking for love. So since Taylor is single again, maybe she and the 1D singer will give romance a chance.

Taylor and Harry have both admitted that they’re big Ed Sheeran fans, so there’s one thing they have in common (besides being extremely successful pop stars, of course). The guys of One Direction have also become friends with Justin Bieber, so perhaps the Biebs and Selena Gomez could go on some fun double dates with Hazza and Taylor. And obviously the bubbly blonde and the British boy band star would have to do a duet together.

However, what if dating Taylor made Harry change? Could she end up being his Yoko Ono? If she led to the breakup of One Direction, Directioners obviously would not react well. And since Taylor’s relationships don’t last very long, they might actually worry about her breaking Harry’s heart.

So do you think that Harry and Taylor should date, or would their relationship be a disaster?

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