Will Taylor Swift’s Next Song Be About Rapper Sammy Adams?

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Taylor Swift may have her eye on “ginger” Rupert Grint, but another man has has his eye on her. Rapper Sammy Adams seems to be crushing on La Swift. He’s just done a remix of her song, “I Knew You Were Trouble.” Will he be in a future song? It’s possible.

Sammy Adams reportedly launched into his “sexy remix” of “I Knew You Were Trouble” just before his Roseland ballroom show. Adams’ version of the song gushes about Swift’s “red lips so hard to miss.” Awwww. He also refers to her as a “good girl gone bad/too much for a Kennedy.” Ouch. Poor Conor Kennedy. Most intriguing and revealing of all is the song’s last line.

“I guess the whole world knows now,” declared Sammy. Guess so. And whose fault is that? Duh.

According to an Adams insider, Sammy and Taylor met at a Las Vegas iHeartRadio concert this summer.

“…he really likes her,” tattled the source. “He thinks she’s really cute.”


So, will country sweetheart Taylor Swift and Boston rapper, Sammy Adams hook up and have a romance? Only time can tell. However, it might behoove Sammy to refrain from taking pot shots at Taylor’s exes (like Conor Kennedy) in his songs. If he gets lucky, and then messes up, he might find himself mentioned in one of her songs someday.

Just saying.

Photo source: Hollywood Life

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