Will the ‘Breaking Dawn’ Trailer Leak Affect 2011 MTV Movie Awards Ratings?

MTV can’t be happy that the Breaking Dawn trailer leaked early. After all, they were using the trailer to boost viewership of the annual awards show. Will fewer people tune in to the show now that the highlight of the night has been leaked?

If you haven’t yet seen the Breaking Dawn trailer, you can see it here.

MTV advertised the unveiling of the trailer for weeks. Judging by recent Tweets, the network seems to be in damage-control mode. Not long after the leak swept the Internet, they posted this Tweet showing their obvious displeasure: “R-Pattz, tell us what you think of Breaking Dawn Trailer leakers, won’t you? VIDEO: http://at.mtv.com/f40.”

The clip they link to shows Robert Pattinson discussing the leaked Breaking Dawn photos. He calls for the “good” fans to hack into the computers of those responsible for the leak. Harsh!

Not long after that Tweet, MTV seems to have reconsidered and Tweeted, “Hey Twihards, totally not blaming @Twilight‘s awesome fans, we heart you guys. Mistakes happen…all good! Still have surprises in store :)”

Still, they can’t be thrilled and this won’t do anything to boost ratings for tonight’s show. Thankfully, they still have one more Twilight surprise planned. An ultra-secret surprise is set to be unveiled on the 2011 MTV Movie Awards red carpet.

Has the leak of the Breaking Dawn trailer changed your mind about watching the show tonight? Share your thoughts below!

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