Will Tim Tebow and Jeremy Lin Ever Overcome LeBron and Brady?

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Tom Brady walloped Tim Tebow twice in the space of a month while LeBron James turned Jeremy Lin into the undrafted point guard he actually is. Can these two superstars do anything else to prove the hype was a bit premature?

Lin and New York Knicks fail test of LeBron James and Miami Heat

Fans wonder if Linsanity was for real after the underdog point guard from Taiwan plowed over Kobe Bryant and the Lakers for 38 points. Sadly, the New York Knicks didn’t have an encore. LeBron James and Miami Heat did what they’ve done for almost a month. They suffocated their opponent, forced costly turnovers and pulled away down the stretch. Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh added to the humiliation with numerous highlight reel plays. Once again, the Knicks defense had no answer for the fast break but the story of the game was the turnovers. Spearheaded by James, the Heat took advantage of New York’s sloppy ball handling and especially their new sensation. Jeremy Lin turned the ball over eleven times and scored just eight points. The young knight took on the King and got flattened. It’s a familiar feeling for those like him of late.

Tebow is haunted far more by Tom Brady than Kim Kardashian or Katy Perry

Even before Lin took the NBA by storm, Tim Tebow mesmerized NFL fans with his improbable comebacks and timely good play. Unfortunately, he also crashed and burned when his case came before the best. Tom Brady and the New England Patriots abused Tebow not once, but twice in just over a month. No amount of Kim Kardashian or Katy Perry rumors could erase the stain of Tebow fans knowing their hero doesn’t measure up with the true greats. His own coaches think that with time and the work ethic he has that will change very soon. The Denver Broncos certainly hope so but faith only carries a man a certain distance before he must bow to the hard truth. Experts are called experts because they understand the game they follow. Lin is an undrafted point guard for a reason. Tebow had horrible numbers because his throwing motion doesn’t fit the mold of successful quarterbacks. That is why James and Brady dominated them.

New England defensive tackle Gerard Warren (98) after sacking Tim Tebow in the second quarter.Being great takes more than an inspiring story and hard work. No one denies that Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow don’t try; in fact they probably try harder than most players. The problem is talent wins out when the work ethics are even. That’s why Tom Brady and LeBron James are that good. It’s also why they don’t worry about Kim Kardashian or Katy Perry rumors.

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