Will Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes Boycott The Oscars To Spite Anne Hathaway?

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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes may not be in the audience on February 27th when Anne Hathaway and James Franco become the youngest duo ever to host filmdom’s biggest event.  A spokesman for “TomKat” has already issued a statement that Cruise is still undecided as to whether or not he and his wife will attend the ceremony. 

According to Popeater, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes may actually skip the Oscars because they’re mad at Anne Hathaway.  In fact, a source close to the couple told The Daily Mail that “Tom and Katie don’t want to have to cross paths with Anne.”

The Cruises’ feud with Hathaway started over her scathing impersonation of Katie in a ‘Saturday Night Live’ sketch in November.  Prior to that, the couple considered Hathaway one of their closest friends.  In fact, they provided her with moral support during her 2008 breakup with her notorious boyfriend, Raffaello Follieri, who was later incarcerated for fraud.  They didn’t understand how Hathaway could heartlessly mock Holmes on national television when they had both stood by her in her time of need.  Holmes was especially hurt by Hathaway’s Saturday Night Live appearance since Hathaway allegedly didn’t even bother to tell the couple that she was going to do the sketch.  “The whole thing,” claims a source, “left a sour taste with Cruise.”  

So, what do you think?  Do Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have a right to be angry at Anne Hathaway?  Or are they simply too sensitive?  And even if their anger is justified,  are they being childish for boycotting the Oscars?

To watch the performance that started the feud, check out the video below.


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