Will TSA Airport Security Be Ending Soon?

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TSA airport security has not only upset travelers but also airports. With the increasing dissatisfaction of TSA by the citizens, many airports have either considered or actually changed to different airport security firms. San Francisco and Kansas City International have already ditched TSA for another private firm. An Orlando airport is committed to switching; however, the selection of a new contractor is needed.

On record, there are sixteen airports that have converted from TSA security. The main issue regarding the change is money. Airport officials state that hiring a new contractor could be more expensive. This is a valid point but with the consumers voicing their displeasure for TSA, the airports could lose a lot more money than they would if they were to hire a different firm. Think about this, if you are not happy with a particular service, would you then return to receive that same service again, knowing that nothing has changed? Most likely, you would not. The same logic applies with airports. TSA airport security has been noted for lacking good customer service. If you have to fly, would you choose to get harassed by security or just receive your normal airport search?

A Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agent conducts a pat down search in lieu of a full-body scan at Denver International Airport (DIA) the day before the Thanksgiving holiday on November 24, 2010 in Denver. DIA officials expect a record number of passengers to pass through the airport. A passenger boycott of the full body scanners did not appear to materialize at DIA. UPI/Gary C. Caskey Photo via Newscom

Even though there are proponents for switching from TSA airport security, there are those who believe that it really wouldn’t make a difference. Kate Hanni, who oversees Flyers Rights in Napa, California, says, “The private security is pretty good and rigid, but as long as the scanners and pat-downs are in place, the experience is going to be the same.” To a certain degree, this can be an accurate account. The scanners and intense pat-downs are not going away. However, if the people who are executing these thorough searches were more diplomatic, then the experience could be less abhorrent.

What is your take? Should TSA airport security be relieved of its duties? Should it remain or should its role just be diminished?

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