Will Whitney Heichel Be Found Alive?

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Oregon barista Whitney Heichel still hasn’t been found as her disappearance nears day three. Police say that tips are “pouring in” regarding the search for the missing woman, but needless to say she has not yet been found so these tips are not proving to be useful for the time being. With each day that passes that this woman isn’t found, the statistical likelihood of finding her alive lessens.

The latest media updates in the search for the missing woman have not been positive. Parks have been searched as well as a wooded area that had broken glass and tire marks believed to be connected to her disappearance. However, no clues or leads in the search have turned up any substantial evidence leading to knowledge of what happened to Whitney Heichel.

It’s a mystery, as if she just vanished into thin air. The 21-year-old Gresham woman allegedly kissed her husband goodbye on Tuesday morning and then vanished between the approximate five miles it took to get to her job at a nearby Starbucks. The missing barista’s vehicle was found hours later with the passenger side window smashed and her belongings plundered through as if in the fashion of a robbery of sorts.

Clint Heichel is the last person to have seen his wife and he has been a heavy presence in the media since she vanished, begging for information leading to her return. He seems completely wrecked by the fact that his wife has been gone for three days now. Nonetheless, it still hasn’t been addressed by authorities as to whether or not he has been questioned or investigated in his wife’s disappearance. What about any other people in their lives? To vanish in a matter of five miles reeks of this being something done by someone who knew the woman’s routine. Whitney Heichel was just taking a quick drive to work. Nothing should have happened to her.

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